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Recognized By UNESCO


Our authorized members, check, verify and admit, the authenticity of the world record applications, and finally register the world records.

Elaborate the rules and regulations to set or to break the world records. Promote the world records among non-profit organizations, NGO’s, for charitable purposes, and for people with disabilities or with social problems fundamentally.

As a basic tool to make known social causes, or promotion to raise funds for entities aimed at providing services to the community.

Promote inclusive world records, where no one is excluded from being able to star in a world record due to having any type of disability or psychic or physical problem.

Making a record is breaking the limits of people to reach a yearning for collective improvement for the human condition, and everyone is able to go further and overcome their limits.

Promote to increase the knowledge of unique or Exclusive things in the world.

Encourage what each person can contribute to the rest of mankind.

All of these goals are achieved through activities such as: Tracking and contacts through social networks or web pages, or meetings with other entities or organizations regarding the promotion.

OWR is promoted by Internet and social networks and who requires our services can be contacted by our association.

With regard to the verification, it is done through different processes and instruments of measures, approved certificates and other convenient means to verify the fact or the act itself.

The cataloging is made based on criteria of classification of events.

And the registries, put a control and register in an internal book and in the web page.

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OWR is the unique world records register organization recognized by the Council of the Notariats of the European Union. Apostille is the document for the notarial convalidation around the world (signed at La Haye 5th October 1961)

OWR is the unique world records register organization recognized by the CNUE (Notaries of Europe) and convalidated by the official Notary Colleges of the whole world. That’s because OWR is so specially distinguished and unique as an organization able to register world records worldwide.

OWR ensures a rigorous procedure followed by our International Acceptance Committee from the beginning to the end of the process of set or break a world record. We verify and authenticate all the proofs with our judges to authenticate the records following the rules for each record category. OWR always helps the record breakers or setters to find out the best ways to reach their goal, adapting the categories, or ways to set a world record legally and widening the possibility to accomplish the world record holding.

The Council of the Notariats of the European Union certifies our world record organization as the most worthy, rigorous in its procedures and more controlled in the world. Being able to say doubtlessly that OWR organization has the maximum guarantee and reliability. All of this makes our organization unique and leader in world record registers, offering the maximum seriousness as possible. Our registered world records are exclusive and with a special verification, and this allows to expand the world records with a unique prestige.


Official World Record Association (OWR) is a legally registered NGO based in the European Union, and has the legal pertinent guarantee to do it’s activity worldwide.

OWR is a recognized and legally registered trademark, with all rights recognized by EUIPO – Intellectual Property Office of the European Union. (Trade Marks and Designs).

NUMBER: 013986054


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The reasons to choose OWR can be various: Above this text, you have the legal reasons, the notary guarantee, and seriousness of our organization that is granted.

So, OWR prestige and seriousness will make your record validity be indisputable everywhere in the world.

If you find how to promote your record, you’re in the right place.

Our website is very dynamic, daily visited, and we offer a whole list of services: one record one website, one record one domain with personalized , and the record marketing launch campaign.

We offer also a Fast Track service, so if you want us to register your world record faster, you can ask for this service. But even if you don’t pay for the Fast Track service, we’ll contact you very fast. Our fluency and constant updates is a genuine characteristic of our style.

OWR always helps the record breakers or setters to find out the best ways to reach their goal, adapting the categories, or ways to set a world record legally and widening the possibilities to accomplish the world record holding.

OWR offers different packs of services, but event with the basic pack, you have your certificate by e-mail in a pdf file, and the most important, our logos and other elements to increase the promotion of your world record.

Also, with the basic pack, also a diffusion campaign with social media like FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and International Press Release, with our professionals team.

We can also do previous news about a World Record challenge, or even the preparation of an event with you.

Also we can prepare all the things with you to set a new world record of any category, and plan the event with you or designing a whole new event for your organization or your company to gain followers or a marketing campaign for your products or values.

Also we have a business department much more specialized in this matters.


Korea Record Institute (KRI) is the leading South Korea Based Record authority. KRI is the representative of OWR legally and exclusively in South Korea. Records registered in South Korea can apply for Official World record international recognition.

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