Moc Chau Island in Vietnam is a destination for those who love to experience, seek a peaceful space for the soul, a place to recreate emotions. With the vision of becoming a leading resort-entertainment super complex, possessing massive wonders, Moc Chau Island offers visitors emotional experiences. Moc Chau Island opens in May 2022 the Bach Long Glass Bridge, the longest glass bridge in the world.

The Moc Chau Island tourist, entertainment and resort complex has an Amusement Park & Experience Accommodation and the Glass Bridge. Besides

New style Glamping model accommodation “Nebula Glamping”; Train hotel “The Bullet Train” with unique design with reasonable price for young people. 5-star hotel service, Villa and Yacht area with luxurious and separate experience for the elite.

Moc Chau Island is oriented to develop a type of “green tourism”, bringing nature – people closer together, creating a connection in the hearts of people with people, and people with the natural motherland, promoting conservation of nature and national cultural heritage. The project was licensed for investment in February 2020 and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.

In order to serve the sightseeing and entertainment needs of domestic and international tourists, Moc Chau Island officially open Phase 1 on May 28, 2022, putting completed items such as: Bridge Bach Long Glass, TaBamboo Bamboo Restaurant, Air Slide, Outdoor Playground, Train Hotel, Glamping Area, Exploring the God Bird Cave into operation.

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Bach Long Glass Bridge has a total length of 632m glass path, made up of 2 parts: the part spanning the cliff is 290m, the glass part following the cliff is 342m, the canyon is 150m deep. Wearing a transparent super tempered glass shirt of Saint Gobain of France consisting of 3 layers of 40mm thickness, the sparkling bridge reflects the beautiful colors in the sunlight, creating a beautiful and prominent look in the vast space.

Besides having tested the load to meet safety standards with a safety factor up to 6 times higher than the standard, we are confident in the quality of Bach Long Glass Bridge tourist products.

Bach Long Glass Bridge has been recognized by Official World Records Organization (OWR) of Europe recognized: The longest glass bridge in the world with a total length of 632m. Theh organization has awarded the official record for Bach Long Glass Bridge on the opening day of 28th May, 2022.

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