The world's biggest protein skimmer

The world’s biggest protein skimmer

The world's biggest protein skimmer

Adec was founded by the experts who have long-term experiences in constructing, designing, engineering public aquariums, producing filtration technologies.

With wide range of experience, Adec produces user friendly projects and life support equipments by evaluating them from both the operator and investor point of view.

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The world's biggest protein skimmer

Our mission is to design and create aquariums that bring an immersive World into people’s realm.

We strive to shape practical, efficient and reliable equipment for our customers and the species tht rely on them Our vision is to become the industry leader for innovative aquarium design and fabrication


• Designing an aquarium according to the feasibility study which is completed by Adec

• Designing of public Aquarium project and related habitat concept

• Providing weight distirbution maps before groundbreaking

• Preperation of detailed design brief document and preseantati

• Development of detailed design of all technical aspects

• Detailed construction of aquariums ,acrylic, sumps, decantation tanks and water holding tanks

• Design Of Aquatic Animal Acquisition Facilities • Preparing p&id and shopdrawings of the aquatic life support systems.

• Development of project Schedule (Gantt chart) CONSTRUCTION (project management)

• Management of the Aquarium project and related all phases • On Site Coordination of Contractors During Constructions

• Daily onsite supervision of the construction site regarding aquarium related specialist works and other works effecting the specialist works

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The world's biggest protein skimmer

• Daily, weekly and mounthly reporting to owners about the progress on the site and comprasion of the planned work flow (Gantt chart)

• Onsite coordination with other subcontractors to reach target

• Installation and commissioning of life support system and related to all plumbing line

• Waterproofing application to all aquariums , sumps, decantation tanks and water holding tanks

• Lining and mounting of the All acrylic panel in Aqaurium project

• Concrete and Frp theming application accordingly concept of the Aquarium habitat

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The world's biggest protein skimmer

• Preparation of the material and methodology for each specialist Works MANUFACTURING

• Manufacturing of Prefabricated Aquariums, Compact Life Support Systems, Quarantine Tanks, protein skimmer, trickle filter, biofilter, ozone destructor • Tailor/Custom Made Prefabricated Aquatic Animal Enclosures & Exhibits ,compact life support system,protein skimmer,biological filter,drum filters accordingly Aquarium project

• Preparing and producing Recirculating aquaculture system filtration equipment

• Manufacturing of Prefabricated Tanks(Larval, Nursery, Rearing,Quarantine) and Incubation Set Ups PROTEIN SKIMMERS Protein Skimmers are used to separate microscopic organic compounds, protein particles, amino acids, bacterias, and other detritus from saltwater systems.

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The world's biggest protein skimmer

These systems, which have been revealed as a result of years of engineering research, have been developed to give the most efficient result.

Each material in Protein Skimmers we produce as ADEC is of top quality and gives the best result.


MS 1000 lowers energy consumption, maintenance fee and takes less space!

Due to its ready to use feauture it is user friendy, due to it is low consumption feature it is nature frienly!

One of the biggest advantage of MS 1000 is its capacity which provides users filtration of the water by having only 1 protein skimmers instead of 2 or more

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