To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

On June 6, 2019, Gabriel Blanco completed the world record of reading a thousand books in a thousand days, having made a daily transmission of the knowledge acquired in each of these books, a feat of discipline and knowledge like no other.

On the same day, a live event was held with about a thousand people in Mexico City, to celebrate the challenge and world record of reading a thousand books in a thousand days, since on June 6, episode number one thousand was recorded live.

In addition, the diploma-certificate and a trophy were delivered in the same act to Gabriel.

The challenge began on September 11, 2016 and ended on June 6, 2019.

The challenge of Gabriel Blanco has been to read a thousand books in a thousand days without interruption, having made a daily video on YouTube and Facebook sharing the knowledge of each book, giving his own opinion and sharing LIVE with thousands of people every day without missing a single day in reading 1 book per day (from start to finish) and make the transmission in front of thousands of people on his fanpage and Youtube channel.

To validate this challenge, approved by the OWR International Acceptance Committee, the titles with ISBN of the thousand books read were checked.

In addition, the content and time of internet upload of the videos were checked by commenting on the thousand books read.

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To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

El día 6 de junio de 2019, Gabriel Blanco cumplió el record mundial de haber leído mil libros en mil días, habiendo hecho una transmisión diaria de los conocimientos adquiridos en cada uno de dichos libros, una hazaña de disciplina y conocimiento como ninguna otra.

Éste mismo día se realizó un evento en directo con unas mil personas en Ciudad de México, para celebrar el reto y récord del mundo de lectura de mil libros en mil días, ya que el día 6 de junio se gravó episodio número mil.

Además, en el mismo acto se realizó la entrega del diploma-certificado y de un trofeo.

El reto comenzó el día 11 de septiembre de 2016 y terminó el 6 de junio de 2019.

El reto de Gabriel Blanco ha sido leer mil libros en mil días de manera ininterrumpida, habiendo hecho un video diario fen Youtube y Facebook compartiendo el conocimiento de cada libro, dando su opinión y compartiendo EN VIVO con miles de personas todos los días sin fallar un solo día en la lectura de 1 libro por día (de inicio a fin) y hacer la transmisión frente a miles de personas en su fanpage y canal de Youtube.

Para validar este reto, aprobado por el Comité de Aceptación Internacional de OWR, se comprobaron los títulos con ISBN de los mil libros leídos. Además se comprobó el contenido y hora de subida a internet de los vídeos comentando los mil libros leídos.

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To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

Declaraciones de Gabriel Blanco: Este Video Resume 3 Años de Mi Vida. 3 Años de Trabajo Duro y Sacrificio Constante Para Aprender Cómo Funciona el Mundo, Para Investigar Cómo Reaccionan Los Seres Humanos Frente a Las Acciones Extraordinarias. Gracias Por Acompañarme en Este Camino Para Romper el Récord Mundial. Ha Sido Un Honor.

Los Planes Que Vienen Son Mucho Más Grandes. Hasta Siempre 🙂 asdf


Hace unos días establecí un Nuevo Récord mundial que me tomo 3 años y medio alcanzar.

Aquí les hago la entrega OFICIALMENTE de SU RÉCORD MUNDIAL.

Esta meta es honor a todos ustedes, todas las personas que quieren cambiar y hacer un mundo mejor.

Porque MI LEGADO será El Progreso de la humanidad.

Este Récord mundial es UN REGALO para recordarte que cualquier persona que se esfuerza y está dispuesta a poner el trabajo.

Logra lo que quiere Avanza sin parar y no te detengas, porque detrás del dolor, está la gloria.


Aquí está tu premio.

El 6 de Junio de 2019 hemos establecido un NUEVO RÉCORD MUNDIAL leyendo 1,000 libros en 1,000 días con el Reto de El Club de La Mente. Gracias a todas las personas que han estado pendientes y que han seguido las transmisiones, las lecturas y los videos.

El récord mundial es nada más el primer paso para todo el apoyo a la humanidad que estamos buscando crear con nuestro movimiento.

Adjunto dejamos el documento oficial que comprueba y respalda la lectura y transmisión de los 1,000 libros en 1,000 días por nombre de Autor, Título del libro, número de episodio y fecha de transmisión.

Lista de comprobación aquí:

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To read a thousand books in a thousand days withoutinterruption. (Challenge – El Club de la Mente)

Can you explain why your records are more important than others to prove philosophical theses?

To explain why, I should write a book, and maybe I will.

In a nutshell, I can say that the techniques I used to carry out these records, respect some cognitive “laws”, namely they take advantage of certain characteristics of the human mind.

Addition is the fundamental operation of all mathematics, not just arithmetic.

All other operations depend, in one way or another, on it. It is also the simplest. Even an illiterate knows how to add up.

However, no one up to now, before me, has ever been able to mentally add up to such large numbers.

This proves, even to the most skeptical, that with these records, I caught onto something important at the center of mathematical thinking.

What are the records you set and what do they mean in the area of didactics and learning?

Generally, performers establish records in mental calculation, or memorization, not in both sectors.

The ones I established instead require the integration of both activities.

The purpose of my records is not primarily the spectacular aspect, however present, but – as said – what it is possible to demonstrate through them in terms of research on memory (not least the working memory), imagination and mental schemes. Understanding these things also means being able to take advantage, optimize and perfect the use of our cognitive abilities to improve our performance in study and work. Is there a particular test that you want to explain to us?

Yes, one of the tests I passed was about mentally performing arithmetic addition of two random numbers of thirty digits each.

I did calculations aloud, column by column (step by step) and when I wrote the result, I didn’t see the addends since I wrote the answer on another sheet.

Immediately after finishing the calculation I wrote the result. It is very important to have removed the addends from my sight immediately after the calculation was finished.

In fact, it is clear that if a person has time to redo the calculation while he sees the numbers, he is more likely to remember them later (what I did means that, inter alia, among the three phases of memorization – encoding, storage, retrieval – the first one is the most important of all).

I performed the test without any material support or other kind of help. I used a spreadsheet that the jury checked cell by cell, formula by formula.

Everyone could control everything, and everyone did it. I did the calculation without making mistakes.

I did the calculations aloud to show that I didn’t use tricks or shortcuts, but I really did the complete mathematical calculation and memorized the result. What are the other tests?

The other tests were a bit different.

They were mainly focused on working memory.

From a scientific point of view, these successful attempts are even more important.

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